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At Ironwood, we strive to have the most progressive and selective¬†beer list around. We pour nothing but true craft beer from around the country. These are selected from hours and hours of research, tastings, and conversations with fellow beer enthusiasts. Every week, I scour the inventories of beer distributors to bring you the newest, the best, and sometimes the most interesting beer available to us. Of our thirteen stainless steel draft lines, Narragansett Lager, choice beer of Bartholomew Marion Quint (Remember Jaws?) is the one constant beer on draft. This is our approachable, easy drinking house lager. The twelve other lines rotate every time a keg kicks. The beer styles in our selection stay consistent, but the beers change keeping with the season. Our list stays fun, exciting and current. But don’t blink- we change kegs frequently. Keep checking the BeerBoard App to make sure you don’t miss a select favorite, or rare find! Whether you enjoy stouts, wheat beer, sours, IPA’s or anything in between, you will always find a beer to enjoy at Ironwood.

— Jeff Freightenburg